Epilation With Thread

Epilation with thread is also called Eastern hair removal because it comes from the surroundings of Arab countries and India. The eyebrows, upper lip or face are depilated with a thread or wire. It is one of the best methods for facial hair removal. You will (start to) agree. This method removes the finest hairs, root and all.


Because the thread that is used is very fine and hygienic, a specialist can get your eyebrows exactly the right shape. Your eyebrow can be shaped very precisely.

The hairs disappear between two to four weeks. This differs per customer.

The Best Hair Removal Method

Bleaching the hair is not exactly skin-friendly and you can still see the hairs. Hair cream does not remove the hair from the root and has the effect that the hairs come back thicker. The best method is waxing/epilation with thread.

The hair does not have to be that long, it is removed root and all and even the finest hairs are removed. Epilation with pincet/plucker is also possible, but it is more painful, takes longer and sometimes causes ingrowth. This method is extremely popular because it is quick and painless. Try it too!

Advantages Of Epilation With Thread:

  • it stimulates blood flow
  • it is hygienic because you do not touch the skin with your hands
  • the skin does not suffer from the treatment, as it does with waxing and resins
  • the skin is not stretched unnecessarily
  • less chance of redness and therefore more
  • suitable for sensitive skin
    the hairs stay away for a long time and come back finer
  • the hairs are removed in a neat line, which is useful at the eyebrows
  • The smallest hair can be removed with the method.