• Deep Cleansing (40 Min) €45,00

    The best depth cleaning done in 7 steps. 1. Cleansing, 2. Peeling, 3. Remove impurities, 4. Steaming the face, 5. Massage, 6. Mask, 7. Day cream SPF.

  • Custom Skin-Improving Treatment (50 Min) €57,50

    In this treatment, we work with your best products and equipment based on your facial barrier. For a visible result.

  • Hydrating & Glow Treatment (75 Min) .€65,50

    An extra Boost and Glow is given by means of our special Booster Serum which are carried out by massage. Where the blood flow is activated and skin improvement is achieved from the inside.

  • Anti-Aging Treatment (60 Min) €69,50

    This treatment focuses on skin improvement. During an anti-wrinkle treatment, the skin is urged to form new collagen and elastin.