• Coston Connective Tissue Face Treatment (75 Min) €72,50

    This treatment is performed in the deeper skin areas (the subcutaneous connective tissue) for the purpose of clearly visible skin improvement. Improving blood circulation and strengthening the connective tissue. For an improving skin texture.

  • Acne Treatment (60 Min) €59,50

    Acne treatment is tailored to the treatment plan that improves the skin. Hereby advice is given about home products.

  • Derma Planning / Peeling (60 Min) €65,00

    Immediate result - ensures smooth skin - cell renewal - relieves hyperpigmentation - removes hairs - soft exfoliation - better make-up application - combats acne

  • Bio Herbs Peeling (60 Min) €59,00

    This herbal peeling removes all dead skin cells, promotes cell renewal and collagen production and improves the appearance of your skin in just one treatment.

  • Rezenerate Nano Hydrating Facial (60 Min) €85,00

    This treatment consist 6 steps; cleanse - exfoliate - serum selection - rezenerate - cooling mask (optional) - Finish (SPF)

  • Dermazen Dermaplaning + Rezenerate ( 75 Min) €120,00

    demaplanning – rezenerate nano facial – cool lifting massage.