Skin Smoothing Cream 50 ML


  • 48h long moisturizer
  • Protects the skin’s own microbiome
  • Normal to dry skin
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Every day, the skin loses up to half a liter of moisture. This may sound like a lot – and it is, because moisture loss means more than just dehydrated skin. The latest scientific insights show that a really healthy skin starts with the right balance of hydration, a strong lipid barrier layer and an optimally working microbiome.

Since the launch of the original Skin Smoothing Cream in 1986, the world has changed considerably, including increasing environmental triggers and an increasingly busy lifestyle. With this in mind, we’ve developed the new formula: Skin Smoothing Cream now contains the Active HydraMesh Technology ™ – this technology works at the molecular level by, as it were, putting a moisturizing net over the skin. The redesigned moisturizer helps to reduce moisture loss, provides the skin with continuous hydration for 48 hours and protects the skin’s own microbiome. Suitable for all skin condtities, especially dehydrated skin.

Key ingredients:
The Hyaluronic Acid Complex divides through the skin layers to help maintain hydration. The beloved moisturising Aloe Vera – along with calming Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica– have been preserved, just like in the original formula. Skin Smoothing Cream includes the new Active HydraMesh Technology ™.

How to use


Apply the cream with rotating movements on a receding face and neck. Use the moisturizer twice a day: morning and evening. Use the moisturizer twice a day. For an extra hydration boost, spray the face before using it with Multi-Active Toner. Mix with a dermalogica booster for an even more intensive result.



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