Rapid Reveal Peel Kick Start


Give a kickstart to your cell renewal and get beautiful even skin with this Limited Edition from Dermalogica.



With age, our skin loses its natural radiance and firmness because cell division and cell renewal slow down. The combination of dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface, along with the decrease in collagen and damage caused by environmental factors, leaves the skin looking dull and tired. This often results in signs of pigment damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

RAPID REVEAL PEEL is the most powerful home-use Exfoliant that gives fast results without recovery time. This light yet highly effective Peeling kickstarts your cell turnover and removes dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, radiant skin beneath.

A three-day kickstart for your skin. Then use the Rapid Reveal Peel on a weekly basis if necessary. More information about the Rapid Reveal Peel can be found HERE.


* Unscrew the cap from the tube and squeeze the contents into your palm.

* Lightly massage into clean skin, avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes. Let the product sit on the skin for 3 to 7 minutes. Select the desired time depending on the sensitivity of the skin. The Peeling can give a warm/tingling sensation on the skin.

* Then rinse thoroughly with cold water or blot with a cold damp cloth. It is recommended to use the Peeling in the evening. Kick-Start phase: You start using Rapid Reveal Peel for 3 consecutive days (1 tube every day). After the third day, you can switch to using 1 tube per week.


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