Intensive Moisture Cleanser (150ml)


  • For dry skin
  • A light cleansing cream
  • Gives a feeling of softness after cleaning
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Many people believe that a cleanser only works if it foams profusely. However, many foaming cleansers often contain aggressive tensioactive agents that cleanse too much because they not only remove dirt but also protective lipids from the skin. We know at Dermalogica that this does not promote skin health.

The Intensive Moisture Cleanser gives new meaning to the concept of cleanser by using a specially designed tensioactive agent (DEFI) which is made from
essential fatty acids for an ultra-soft yet meticulous cleansing of the skin. This makes theIntensive Moisture Cleanser twice as effective at removing long-lasting makeup and nourishing the skin, than its predecessor the Essential Cleansing Solution. The combination of the Intensive Moisture Cleanser and the renewed Intensive Moisture Balance will make all the difference for people with dry skin, as it will suspend the cycle of lipid loss and dehydration through its proactive support for good barrier health.

Main ingredients

  • Fat-rich DEFI tensioactive system that cleanses the skin while minimizing damage to vital proteins and prevents skin from becoming dry
  • BioReplenish Complex™ combined with phytolipids from Coconut and Murumuru butter, protects lipids from the barrier and makes skin supple
  • Stimulating extracts of Citrus,Palmarosa (Geranium of India) and Jasmine revitalize the skin

How to use

Clean the face and neck twice a day with a little Intensive Moisture Cleanser deposited in damp hands, preferably after the PreCleanse Balm. Rinse with water.


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