Active Moist (50ml)


  • Powerful prebiotic contains
  • Light, non-greasy moisturizing lotion
  • Protects the skin daily from dehydration while
  • The soothing thanks to the presence of botanical extracts
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An “impeccable” skin is far from being as ideal as it seems. Many oily-skinned people opt for dehydrating cleansers and then neglect the use of a moisturizer. This disrupts the skin’s natural protective barrier and can even unbalance the skin’s natural microbiome (all of the bacteria that live in and on the skin). And yet, it is precisely the balance of the microbiome that supports skin health.

This light, non-greasy moisturizer protects the skin from dehydration while regulating sebum production through the presence of different botanical extracts. The Active Moist is therefore a fine emulsion recommended for mixed to oily skin, since it moisturizes lightly, without leaving any greasy or sticky residue.

How to use

Apply to face and neck with circular motions. Its moisturizing power will be increased tenfold if used after Multi-Active Toner. Precede the app with a Dermalogica booster® or mix it with Active Moist, for even more results. Prepare the skin with Multi Active Toner to optimize the action of Active Moist.


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