Semi Permanent Make-Up

Powderbrow is a new technique for semi-permanent make-up that is applied with a machine nano needle. Your new eyebrow shape is first drawn with a pencil so that you can already see the shape you will get in advance. This way you avoid getting too thick or too thin eyebrows. We will shape the eyebrows with a thread or plucker before starting the powderbrows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does This Treatment Cost?

€ 350 (including updating within 6-8 weeks) Note: If you do not come within 8 weeks for a free update, it will expire and you pay 50 euros within three months after the first session.

The treatment costs 100 euros within 1 year.
The treatment costs 200 euros within 2 years.

Why Is Updating Necessary?

After the first session, up to 70% of the treatment fades. After updating, this is only 30%, so the end result is only visible after updating.

So updating is necessary and extends the shelf life of the treatment. Without updating, results will be visible for up to three months.

How Does The Powder Browser Healing Process Work?

Day 1-3: very dark,

Day 4-10: cracks and spots (no color under the spots),

Day 11-28: no color / shape visible, Day 29-35: light color can be seen

Day 36-50: color and shape more visible,

First session: 30% visible result.

After updating: 70% visible result.

How Long Will The Treatment Last?

Oily to normal skin: 10-14 months

Dry to very dry skin: 15 to 24 months

The shelf life of the treatment varies from person to person and can be shorter if you have very oily skin, bleed quickly or a lot during the treatment, are very blonde, have a light color applied, have ever had PMU or had the eyebrows lasered.

What Do I Have To Consider Before And After The Treatment?

The first 72 hours after treatment:

  1. no water contact
  2. do not touch the eyebrow
  3. no make up on the eyebrows themselves (all around is possible)
  4. do not use cream
  5. Do not sunbathe or use a solarium for 2 weeks before and after the treatment. Then always apply factor 50, half an hour before sunbathing
  6. Do not remove scabs yourself
  7. Do not dye eyebrows for 2 weeks
  8. Do not apply facial treatments such as peels, chemical treatments, microdermabrasion, etc. for 2 weeks
  9. Do not take painkillers beforehand
  10. Do not allow treatment under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  11. Do not swim or go to the sauna for 1 week
  12. Do not exercise for 3 days after treatment.

Are The Eyebrows Dark After The Treatment?

The eyebrows will look very dark until you have contact with the water. After water contact they start to shed, causing spots, unevenness and loss of pigment. This is all very normal so there is no need to panic or worry. The perfect result will come after updating.

How Long Does The Treatment Take And Is It Painful?

A powderbrow treatment takes an average of 1 hours. The after-treatment takes the same time. The treatment is considered not painful by most, but is considered painful in women with a very low pain threshold.

Can This Technique Be Applied To Everyone?

No, powder brows cannot be used with:

Pregnant women, hepatitis patients, diabetes patients, people who have cardiovascular disease and people who have been taking blood thinners for a very long time. When using Roaccutane, no permanent make-up may be applied until the end of the treatment

What Color Will My Eyebrows Get?

You can choose which color you want. This is determined in advance together with the specialist.