How Well Do You Know Your Skin?

To take full advantage of the high active ingredients contained in Dermalogica’s products, it is important to know what skin type – and what skin condition the different zones on your face have, so that you can choose products that match your skin needs. Take the free Face Mapping® skin analysis and find out which skin care products are suitable for your skin!

  • A Face Mapping® is free and only takes 5-10 minutes.
  • During a Face Mapping®, the skin is divided into 6 zones and accurately mapped. •
  • After a Face Mapping® skin analysis you will receive a Skin Fitness Plan with personalized product advice for home use.
  • When choosing facial care, you can be tempted by a beautiful packaging, a catchy advertisement or a nice scent. But have you ever really looked at your skin?

What is Face Mapping®?

With a Face Mapping® skin analysis, the skin is divided into 6 zones. Each zone is carefully examined so that the skin condition per zone can be mapped. This makes it possible to treat your skin specifically and effectively with Face Mapping®.

What Does A Skin Expert Do With The Findings From The Face Mapping®?

A Dermalogica skin expert uses the Skin Fitness Plan to record the findings from the Face Mapping®. In the Skin Fitness Plan, your skin condition is visually noted per zone, and it increases insight into your own skin condition and needs. You can see, for example, which zone is dehydrated or where you suffer from impurities and which deserves extra attention.

Face Mapping® provides insight into the skin condition and need resulting in a detailed treatment plan can be drawn up

How Often Should I Undergo A Face Mapping® Skin Analysis?

Dermalogica recommends having your facial skin re-analyzed every season. Weather conditions change and with it your skin condition and needs! For example, it may be necessary to replace products with a fuller structure for lightweight products in the summer. Also, the use of a booster or mask may be necessary to provide the skin with adequate hydration during certain times of the year.

Face Mapping® is performed exclusively by skin experts affiliated with Dermalogica